A Life Lesson from Losing My Father

8 min readFeb 14, 2021

Unfortunately, I have lost my father on February 1st 2021. Unfortunately, a food congested his throat despite all emergency actions taken and hospitalized immediately which there is a hospital right in front of where he lives. Although he had some health issues, he was genetically strong, he was able to manage everything by himself and he even recovered from COVID-19.

Me and my family will always have his grief. Hopefully we will overcome the pain by time. There are things in life that you can not express by words and you will experience it when you go through. Things like marriage, children and loss of beloved ones are unique to everyone and cannot be described by words from my point of view.

Beyond his ups and downs, right doings, wrong doings, mistakes, correctness he was my hero like most fathers are heroes of their children. He has been great father, a mentor, a best friend, a guiding hand and super hero always supporting us.

He was an obstetrician/gynecologist who helped many people to start life journey including myself. He came from poverty and lost his father early. He did overcome many difficulties in his life and thanks to him that me and my brother had decent childhood. He was the one brought PC with 80286 Intel Processor and after seeing my interest in computers he got me a private teacher which I learnt DOS and so on when I was primary school. This is obviously a turning point of my life which I came out as a son of my parents.

Unfortunately, losing my father is more difficult for my mother. She married to my father when she was 19 and they have been together since then. She told me that she has seen everything with him and he take very good care of her. She had been in boarding school during her high school away from her parents. We (me and my brother) were away during high school and later years but visiting them as often as possible. She has been always with him and he passed away on her arms. Therefore, her grief is much more. My mother says she remembers all the good things like travels, journeys and so on. However, she states that she is grateful to be always with him even the times that they had disagreements, arguments with each other and other difficult things that they have gone through. I still remember that my mom took care of my father with a great effort when they were both recovering COVID-19 that I believe no one else can took care of him like her.


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