Overview Azure Arc Enabled Servers & SQL Server on Arc Enabled Servers

4 min readOct 5, 2022

Azure Arc-enabled SQL Server extends Azure services to SQL Server instances hosted outside of Azure; in datacenter, on the edge, or in a multi-cloud environment. Azure Arc essentially extends management capabilities to different servers and applications running outside of the Azure cloud. It facilitates the administrator to use a single plan of the console to manage the SQL database irrespective of where it is hosted.

Azure Arc Overview

Azure Arc

•Azure Arc simplifies governance and management by delivering a consistent multi-cloud and on-premises management platform.

Azure Arc provides a centralized, unified way to:

•Manage your entire environment together by projecting your existing non-Azure and/or on-premises resources into Azure Resource Manager.

•Manage virtual machines, Kubernetes clusters, and databases as if they are running in Azure.

•Use familiar Azure services and management capabilities, regardless of where they live.

•Continue using traditional ITOps while introducing DevOps practices to support new cloud native patterns in your environment.

  • Configure custom locations as an abstraction layer on top of Azure Arc-enabled Kubernetes clusters and cluster extensions.

Azure Arc Services

Azure Arc Services

To simplify complex and distributed environments across on-premises, edge and multi-cloud, Azure Arc enables deployment of Azure services anywhere and extends Azure management to any infrastructure.

Organize and govern across environments — Get databases, Kubernetes clusters, and servers sprawling across on-premises, edge and multi-cloud environments under control by centrally organizing and governing from a single place.

Manage Kubernetes Apps at scale — Deploy and manage Kubernetes applications across environments using DevOps techniques. Ensure that applications are deployed and configured from source control consistently.


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