Secure API’s with API Management and Application Gateway

10 min readApr 22, 2022
Securing API’s with API Management and App Gateway
Overview Of API Management

Azure API Management is a hybrid, multicloud management platform for APIs across all environments.

Azure API Management is made up of an API gateway, a management plane, and a developer portal. These components are Azure-hosted and fully managed by default.

Management plane

API providers interact with the service through the management plane, which provides full access to the API Management service capabilities.

Use the management plane to:

•Provision and configure API Management service settings

•Define or import API schemas from a wide range of sources, including OpenAPI specifications, Azure compute services, or WebSocket or GraphQL backends

•Package APIs into products

•Set up policies like quotas or transformations on the APIs

•Get insights from analytics

•Manage users

Developer portal

The open-source developer portal is an automatically generated, fully customizable website with the documentation of…




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